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Sunday Night Internet Marketing Chat. 12/28/14

From one of the top Internet Marketing professionals in the Great Hartford, Connecticut area...:)

Here is why you want me on your Internet Marketing team.  I've been on the Internet since 1991/1992, way back when it was all text based.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business with a Concentration in Marketing from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.  I have always been fascinated with business, marketing, computers and the Internet.

I find the best way telling people what I do is simply to say "I do Internet Marketing."  People think "I know the Internet, I know Marketing...I've known about Marketing for DECADES!!  I know what he does!!

Was a Marketing Assistant at Microsoft just as the Internet started to skyrocket, and the web was the new must-have app.  One of my professional mistakes was leaving Microsoft.  They treated me very well as well as other employees.  I worked with some of the best and the brightest minds in the state, computer-wise.  Microsoft just didn't get the Internet.  Bill Gates eventually kind of got it.  The Internet and all of the (at-the-time) wild claims were a threat to Microsoft.  So being young and dumb I left.  I learned so much more about marketing and the Internet during my time there.

I've done SEO, er I mean, Internet Marketing for over 15 years.  First I did AOL, eBay and usenet selling collectibles.  I  graduated to affiliate marketing, then Adsense and craigslist.  I then did Google Adwords, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Bing ads and Internet Marketing.

Eventually, I answer an ad on Craigslist for a small, very small computer software start-up company in Vernon and found my passion.  Provided all of the tools any Internet Marketer could want and granted full control of Adwords accounts, was an early evangelist of the powers of SEO having seen my uncle and godfather use Google to build multiple successful business in Internet Marketing and products and services.  The company was interested how I got to rank for a hugely profitable keyword on Yahoo.  I was then sent to Pubcon Las Vegas where I picked up so much knowledge and networked, it was the Internet Gold Rush.

Granted full reign of doing any market research or market trial to find the next big thing.  Heavy usage of Google Analytics.  I have made profiles on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and many other sources of traffic.  On top of eBay and Amazon, there are so many sites that drive quality traffic, it's not just about Google and Search Engine Optimization and more.  That plays a big part, but for how much longer??

It shouldn't surprise me that search engine lingo has not fully caught on.  People hear SEO, and some have a certain grasp of it, but it really doesn't ring a bell with a lot of people (yet).  If I tell them I do search optimization on Google, more people have a sense of what I do and can accomplish.  If I tell them I market on Google, they know Google, it rings a bell with them and ta-da they want to know more.

The problem is I do less optimization with Google that I have over the past ten years.  Other sites owned by Google like Youtube (read somewhere that Youtube is the Internet's 2nd searched database search engine with Google being number one).  Other sites generate tremendous traffic and user attention span with different target demographics like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, but Google still seams to be the "king of conversion," the current "shawmen of the net."  Right now, the mantra is "Local, mobile and don't do anything black or gray hat if you want persistently good Google results over time.

Would love to network or chat about the history, current status and future of Internet Marketing!!

Two sites I'd like to plug.  Check out!!  I learned more inside info from this site than any, including!!  I'm also fond of &

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